In a moment, you’ll finally get the answer that you have been seeking. You will discover a true way to get real liposuction results from home and it will not require any type of surgery or pain.

First, I want to introduce myself to you and let you know that I am a real person who actually cares about helping you. My name is Suzanne Costa and I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I’m proud to be celebrating my 19th year in business (since 2002) and I have personally helped over 50,000 people from around the world get real liposuction results from home.

My friends refer to me as the “Home Liposuction Genie” because I’ve made so many people’s wishes come true.

When I first met Dr. Natera and Dr. Gilberto, I told them that I wanted to help millions of people around the world feel better about themselves and provide them a way to get real liposuction results from home.

They applauded my mission, but didn’t think it was possible to source the ingredients needed to help that many people. Turns out, they were right. It’s impossible to keep up with the demand even though we don’t advertise directly.

The uniqueness of our trans epidermal technology and 3 different branches of science all working together (Homeopathic, Pharmaceutical and Herbal) put’s these products in high demand.

The only reason you found my website is because I’ve made a lot of friends who can’t help but tell their friends (like you) about my home liposuction secret.

So whoever sent you the memo telling you about my home lipo solution should be thanked. You won’t see my unique home treatments being sold on Amazon, Google or Facebook. It’s a word of mouth business and sadly, we still can’t keep up with demand.

Being that you went through all these hoops to even be reading this message today means that you are probably someone who takes action.

Hopefully, your preferred treatment (Abs/Back, Legs/Arms, Chin/Neck & Facial) is in stock today, but in case you don’t see it, please sign up for the waiting list and do not be discouraged. The longest we have ever waited to receive a fresh batch has been 6 weeks.

I do promise that you’ll have the opportunity to experience liposuction from home, but it might not be today. We do update our website within minutes of selling out and promise to notify you asap when your preferred treatment is in stock again.

Whether it’s today or another day, once you do place your order, we do and will respect your privacy. We only send our home lipo treatments in blank packages so no one has to know you ordered them including your significant other.

Even though I never got my wish of selling these to millions of people around the world, it all worked out perfectly. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have time to make friends with everyone and would have to hire helpers who just wouldn’t love their jobs as much as me.

What I am really saying is that I am a one woman show, who loves each personal interaction with clients like you.

Of course I have a team helping with many other parts of the business. Some of my team members have been with me for over a decade and I grateful for all of them.

I am fulfilling my dream of being the Home Liposuction Genie and it would be an honor to speak with you personally and ensure you get real liposuction results from home.

After you order, I’ll reach to you by email and make myself available via phone, text or email.

Once you get your products, I’ll keep in touch and walk you through the entire process.

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Your friend,

Suzanne Costa
Fit & Trim Expert